Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Reviews Are In

         I know, I know I've been a very bad blogger & I haven't made a post in quite some time since my work schedule has been nuts . In my spare time though I have been able to expirement with some fun products & keeping in tune with my last post about the hair masque and facial peel I decided to stick to products made for our skin. 
         I want to start out by saying the Coconut oil hair masque is a god send. So incredible it turned my hair from dull and lifeless to silky smooth & oh so shiny! My friends & family even took notice to the change in my hair. The Egg White peel off masque however was not my favorite.  It was difficult to apply, I  made such a mess & it was pretty uncomfortable. After using it for a few weeks I saw no significant difference in my skin and just decided it was not for me but  it could possibly work on other skin types. 
          Masque Bar by Look Beauty has a few different options for different skin types including Wrinkle Reducing Sheet Mask, Firming & Lifting Hydro Gel Mask, Pore Refining Creme Mask, Anti-Blemish Mud Mask, & Brightening Sheet Mask. So far I have tried the Anti-Blemish & Brightening Mask & I must say I love them! When you purchase them they come in a box that has about 3-4 individually packaged sheet masks or cream  masks so you know just how much to use for the cream ones & so the sheets stay fresh ! The first one I tried was the Anti-Blemish Mud Mask it soothes irritated skin leaving completion feeling calm and looking clear. It contains tea tree kaolin & vitamin A. When I started using it I was having a few problem areas and after they cleared right up! Then I tried the Brightening Sheet Mask its so easy and mess free just open up the package & place per-cut cloth on your face. It helps minimize the appearance of dark spots & other skin irregularities for a more even complextion. It contains orange extract licorice root & vitamin C. However if your like me, I get very fidgety when I have any cloth like sheet on my face  like the nose strips to remove black heads. So while having the mask on I was uncomfortable & just wanted to take it off. Even though I know the mask works, I saw the diffence in my skin, I do think that I will be sticking to their cream masques for my comfort. Look for it at your nearest target for only $9.99 !